Community Supported Agriculture


CSA is short for Community Supported Agriculture. It’s a type of agricultural system where members of the community directly invest in and support local farmers. In exchange for their investment, members receive a share of the farm’s produce throughout the growing season.

Being in a CSA means that you are committed to supporting a specific farmer through an entire season. CSA programs can offer a number of benefits to both farmers and consumers. This allows farmers to predict their income for the year and helps to ensure that they will be able to continue operating their farm.

For consumers, CSA shares typically include a variety of seasonal produce, and members often have the opportunity to visit the farm and see how their food is grown. In addition to supporting local farmers, CSA members also enjoy fresher, more flavourful produce.

Do you value fresh, quality ingredients? 

Cardboard tomatoes in the winter. If you’re a foodie, you know this frustration well. Taste matters to you. You know that putting together a delicious meal in your kitchen doesn’t just come down to cooking skills. It starts with quality ingredients. 

The second most important quality of a CSA member is that they love quality food, and they’re willing to pay for it. 

Our veggies taste different than what you’d get at the grocery store. That’s because we pay attention to building quality soil, that is rich in organic matter and bio-nutrients. You’ll also notice a difference in freshness with a CSA, because you get it within hours of harvest, your product will taste better and last longer. 

CSAs are all about providing high-quality, fresh vegetables that make your home dining experience feel like a special event every night. So if you’re just looking for some basic lettuce and carrots at the cheapest price so you can make an iceberg salad tonight...this is not your gig. 

Whats included?

Your farmer chooses what goes in the box — a mix of staples and unusual veggies to challenge your taste buds! Early season boxes contain less product. Mid/Late season boxes have more.

Are you going to be out of town? 

If you have to miss your box pickup due to a vacation, you can donate it to a food bank OR you can gift it to a friend who comes in your place. And if you accidentally miss your box pickup, we often bring back extra to the farm, which you can come grab. 


Its included in our price