Fall CSA Eggs


One dozen of fresh pasture raised eggs every week for seven weeks this fall. Starts on October 11th and ends couple of days before thanksgiving.

What is Fall CSA Eggs?

When you get our fall csa eggs you will get one dozen every week for seven weeks this fall starting October 11th and ending the thanksgiving week. This reserves your delicious pasture raised eggs upfront and is a great add on to our fall csa box. Our flock is about 150 hens right now and there is only a certain amount of eggs available weekly. When you sign up we reserve your dozen eggs every week for seven weeks this upcoming season

Our Hens?

Raised on pasture since they were little chicks 0ur pastured hens produce some of the best eggs around. From sun up to sun down they are out and about pecking and scratching all day long. We have 5 different breeds as well as ages so each dozen is sure to be unique in size and color. Aside from pasture and farm scraps our hens are fed with organic non-gmo feed made in the Skagit Valley.

Delivery only available as add on to Fall CSA.